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Falken Blog

Spotlight on James Deane

Formula Drift has the highest level of competition between teams and drivers so far for me, and I'm really enjoying the whole experience. 
How does it feel to be back in the States?  
I've always wanted to make a return to Formula Drift ever since my first taste of FD back in 2008 at the Red Bull World Drift Championships. Falken Tires gave me the opportunity in 2010 to compete at the west coast rounds of the championship driving the Falken Nissan Silvia S15. We enjoyed some good results that year. Since then, I've focused on European drifting and building my team and program. We have enjoyed a lot of success in Europe, winning multiple Irish and European Drift Championships over the last few years, along with participating in some big demonstrations including the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 
I met the people behind Worthouse Drift Team last year and they informed me about their plans for me to compete in the 2017 Formula Drift Pro Championship, alongside my friend Piotr Więcek. This was confirmed just a few months later and it has really been a dream for me, it feels amazing to be back! 
How is it different from European Championships? 
In recent years the differences have become smaller.  The technical & judging rule books are becoming more alike, which I believe is good for the future of the sport as the cars can be built to compete in multiple championships across the globe. This makes it easier for guys who would like to make the transition from Europe to USA or vice versa. One of the biggest differences is the budget that is required to compete in Formula Drift, which is significantly more than European competition. One of the main reasons behind this are the extra logistical costs in transporting the cars across the United States. 
Piotr and I have been competing in the Drift Masters European Championship as well as Formula Drift, so flying across the Atlantic between each round can be quite exhausting but it's well worth it. Formula Drift has the highest level of competition between teams and drivers so far for me, and I'm really enjoying the whole experience. 
How did the Worthouse team come about? 
Worthouse are manufacturers of steel roofs and have been running a successful business in Poland under the Budmat name for the last 25 years. Budmat first got involved in drifting by supporting Piotr in European competition, and over the years this has developed into a very successful partnership. Today, as one of the most professional teams in Europe, Budmat Auto Drift Team consists of a 3 car team with Piotr, Dawid Karkosik and I as drivers. Now that they have expanded to the US market under the Worthouse name, they have created Worthouse Drift Team to promote the company's latest products across the United States by competing in Formula Drift.  
Do you plan to return in 2018? 
Worthouse Drift Team are definitely planning on returning to Formula Drift competition in 2018, let's hope everything falls into place and we can continue to smoke Falken Tires here in the States. Piotr and I have really been enjoying the experience and we are so grateful to have the support from Worthouse, Falken Tires and all our other Partners who believe in us.